The World of Painting Mourns the Loss of Nelson Shanks

Today, August 29th, 2015 I received information from a very reliable source. He told me that the great Nelson Shanks had passed away. This news touched me as I was truly, deeply saddened. Nelson was the painter who raised the bar for all the representational painters of today. Academically speaking, there was no one who could claim to be a better painter, consistently, than the Great Nelson Shanks, at least not in his lifetime. He painted with “Humanist Realism” as he referred to it, and all others paled in comparison to his ability to capture the true paler of the human flesh.

He saw things the way they were and nobody could dispute that. He was an opinionated man, but rightly so. He earned the right to call people out on the bourgeois they spewed and I learned, his view was regularly accurate. At least, It was on the night I was able to visit with him thanks to a very highly respected liaison.

Mr. Shanks left behind an incredible legacy with the many incredibly beautiful paintings he created. His clients ranged from Marisa Tomei, Princess Diana and President Clinton to Luciano Pavarotti and the Pope.

Nelson Shanks was 77 years old. He as untouchable as a realistic painter of the human figure.

Thank You for raising the bar and may you rest in Peace Mr. Shanks.