Vincent Desiderio at Malborough Gallery: January 08 2014 – February 08 2014.

This is the incredible, latest exhibit by the extremely hard working and very talented Vincent Desiderio. HPIM9644 THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE INSPIRATION…

Noah Becker at the Lodge Gallery November 6th to December 1st

There is an opening reception I attended a few weeks ago, which needs to be addressed. The images keep appearing in my mind similar to a catchy chorus in a familiar song. Although they were simply Portraits painted on canvas, some images brought me back to when I was that kid swinging my legs in the Barber’s Chair at the no frills Barber Shop during a much simpler time in the 70’s. The paintings seemed to parallel the period depicted in simplicity, but had a more profound affect on me, personally. When a suppressed memory from long ago is suddenly brought to the forefront of your present mind and stays with you another month (and counting), I call that success. The artist Noah Becker, through his painted images, was able to capture my attention on that one night and has continued to redirect my subliminal thoughts as his paintings still occupy space in my brain, to a period in my life, which I haven’t given much thought to in recent years.


I had been through most of the galleries hosting opening receptions in and around the Chelsea area that evening and although, most of the work, I saw was (what I consider to be) quality work, there was one particular exhibit which stands out from the rest of the galleries and exhibits I attended that evening. Everything about the place seemed to be “On” that night including the mood, viewer’s social participation, attendance and interaction. The Lodge Gallery at 131 Chrystie Street in Lower Manhattan was the place to be that evening. The gallery even had a bar in a separate, back room complete with low lighting, ,great energy, festive atmosphere and kick-ass music.

I’d like to Thank The Lodge Gallery for exhibiting Noah Becker’s work…