Lia Ali in NUNC VERITATEM at Dacia Gallery – December 11 – January 11, 2015



Nunc Veritatum at Dacia Gallery

Nunc Veritatum at Dacia Gallery

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Lia Ali is a painter drawing inspiration from nature and the sublime. She works with watercolors and oil paints and her talent blossoms in portraying people and nature.
Lia’s work is an European gem in the American art space. The quality of her work is exceptional and her career as an artist is shining up every day.

Most recently, she exhibited her work at Times Square digital show, Art Gowanus, at Flowers Gallery in Chelsea and during the group art show at Dacia Gallery in Manhattan.
She received numerous awards and is a member of NYC Plein Air Artists, the Watercolor Society of America, the National Watercolor Society, the Brooklyn Watercolor Society and the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition.

“The art is a symphony of colors, and is an inner resolution; it is a combination of the inner perceptions, the analytical, and the rational. No matter where I am – whether jogging in the park, listening to Moby, or strolling in the city, I always have my sketchbook and I paint with my watercolors,” says Lia.
Lia’s exhibit at the Dacia Gallery included a new portrait.

“In Dacia Gallery I showed my portrait, titled “Winter” – it is a portrait of a woman from the emblematic period of the human history – the Renaissance, which I connect to the blossoming of human creativity, of innovation and of a new kind of spirituality. The society is in its highest peak. I depicted the women with a Renaissance vision – all glowing and with flowers in her hair – as a symbol of the blossoming of the inner potentials and abilities. The figure is positioned on the background of a winter landscape – forest, covered with glistening snow – as a symbol of purity and innocence”.

Her new project is series of watercolors with figures dancing on the beautiful tango music.