Joe Waks at S & J Projects May 31st to June 30th 2013

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S & J Projects is a new gallery on the Lower East Side, everyone should experience.  They’re located at 191 Henry Street, NYC.


Rebecca Jampol 551.580.3450

NEW YORK: “Joe Waks: The Absurd World”, will be on display from May 31, 2013 – June 30, 2013 at S & J Project(s) located at 191 Henry St. NY. “The Absurd World” will exhibit work from Wak’s Neo Socio Absurdist series and will open to the public with a reception Friday, May 31 from 6 p.m – 9 p.m.

Joe Waks is a painter, printmaker and photographer. He is also an attorney who for the past 17 years has worked at the highest levels of local, state and federal government in New Jersey. Waks’ mixed media creations underscore his passion for politics and popular culture.

Since 2010, Joe Waks has been creating “Neo Socio Absurdist” paintings. Through these works, he has sought to expound on the central tenet of playwright Martin Esslin, whose writings focused on the meaninglessness and incongruity of life. Waks attempts to “recontextualize” the icons and emblems commonplace in our disposable American society by utilizing paint, text, advertising imagery and events plucked straight from the news. Consumption and the ubiquity of consumer culture are at the heart of these works, but there is an inherent ambivalence which pervades them, challenging the viewer (and artist).

Joe Waks was a 2012 Fellow at the Printmaking Center of New Jersey and was a 2008 New Jersey Print and Paper Fellow at the Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. Waks has had numerous solo and group shows at galleries in New Jersey, New York, Miami and Philadelphia, including three highly successful solo exhibitions in 2010 and 2011. His works are in private collections in New York City, Los Angeles and in many others in the United States and Canada. Waks is also in the permanent collection of the Jersey City Museum, Hudson County Community College and Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, part of one of the world’s largest public relations agencies, acquired nine of his paintings for its renowned collection.

S & J Project(s) is located at 191 Henry Street, between Clinton and Jefferson on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. By NYC subway, the F train to East Broadway. Gallery Hours: Wed. – Sat. 11 a.m. – 6 p.m and Sun. 11 – 4 p.m.