Bertrand Delacroix Gallery and Quentin Garel’s “ Gueule De Bois”

Bertrand Delacroix Gallery


 “Our artists are interested in pushing the limits of their own abilities as well as what is expected…”  

Bertrand Delacroix Gallery is a contemporary art space located at 535 West 25th Street, in New York City.  The current exhibit of Quentin Garel’s  “ Gueule De Bois” is mind blowing.  As a writer in the art world, we tend to see a large quantity of art and I can honestly say this body of work is immensely refreshing.  The large sculptures are incredibly accurate and the massive charcoal drawings are impeccably displayed.  These unique creations are all created in Normandy, France and have been displayed in many of Europe’s most prestigious galleries and art fairs.

I stood before each drawing in awe and the sculptures were exhilarating to me.  I witnessed many of the gallery viewers with similar feelings as they observed the fun three-dimensional subjects of art.

We were able to speak to Garel briefly and he told us his molds are all carved from wood or Styrofoam giving and incredibly realistic patina to the finished product.

Bertrand Delacroix Gallery is making a big splash as a gallery which, doesn’t disappoint and is already considered one of New York City’s most interesting galleries.  With exhibits such as Quentin Garel’s, “ Gueule De Bois” I can see why this gallery is creating such a buzz in the art community.  I highly recommend a trip to Bertrand Delacroix Gallery the next time you’re out on the art-beat.  It’s worth every second you’re there.

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